Gift Box Condado Laxas Rías Baixas 3 bottles 750 ml

Gift Box Condado Laxas Rías Baixas 3 bottles 750 ml



Bringing back the old tradition of wines of the Tea District, Bodegas As Laxas makes de wine by selecting the best grapes of the varieties known as Albariño, Treixadura and Loureira, to give the most representative wines of its kina, with a chromatic tone, aroma and taste of an excellent, time-honoured wine. Blending traditional know-how with modern day technology, Condado Laxas wine is made by fermenting alcohol in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. It is then transferred, stabilized by cool, filtered and bottled.

The high interest in do the things well done, makes that Bodegas As Laxas had developed a I+D+i tracking along more than three years for the winemaking, through is being reached a satisfactory results that allows us offer a high quality Condado wine and with a particular skill:make the wine keeping it's organoleptical aptitudes in the best conditions as longer than it is usual in a Rías Baixas' wine.




Clean, pale golden colour, intense nose highlighting notes of exotic fruit (pineapple) and stone-bearing fruit (peach and loquat), with syrupy nuances on a background of aromatic herbs (rosemary and oleander) with balsamic tinges. Fresh, tasty, balanced and complex. Fruity sensation noted on the nose, with salty notes, with a lingering, aromatic finish encouraging one to drink, with citric touches and slight hints of dry fruits (peanuts).




Alcohol strength by volume
Total (Tartaric) acidity
Volatile (Acetic) acidity
Reducing sugars
Total sulphur dioxide
Free sulphur dioxide
Serving temperature
12,9 % (v/v)
7,0 g./L
0,42 g./L
1,8 g./L
123 mg./L
35 mg./L
As Laxas 16 C.P.: 36430 Arbo, Pontevedra (Spain) Tel.: (+34) 986 665 444 Fax.: (+34) 986 665 554
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