Bágoa do Miño Albariño Rías Baixas Selection 3 bottles 750 ml





This wine is made with a selection of grape from the “O Pucha” estate owned by the wine cellar, where Albariño attains its maximum expression due to the quality of the soil and its perfect orientation and exposure to the sun. Following light pressing, 55% of “tear” must is extracted, which is then meticulously racked by cold and channelled into stainless steel vats for fermenting at a controlled temperature of 17.5ºC for 10 days. Once fermented and left in the vat, this select wine is filtered and stabilized by cold to be subsequently bottled, following a final microbe-free process.




Clear, brilliant wine, with an extremely elegant lemon-yellow colour. An intense aroma on the nose, with persistent quality aromas, reminiscent of green apple and tropical fruits (pineapple). Glyceric finish, lingering on the palate, with a perfect acidity harmonizing with its body, making this a very pleasant wine full of sensations.




Alcohol content
Total acidity
Volatile acidity
Reducing sugars
Free sulphurous content
Total sulphurous content
Temperature for consumption
13 % vol.
6,0 grs./L
0,36 grs./L
1,1 grs./L
30 mgs./L
80 mgs./L