Sensum Laxas Albariño Sparkling Wine 6 bottles 750 ml




Starting from a previously elaborated with selected grapes wine (basis wine), searching the most accurate balanced parameters, a subsequently re-fermentation is done following the Traditional Methode (Champanoise) way. Nine months after -laid on rimes and with periodical shakes-, the “degorge” its made and a special mix of sugar plus wine is added, with a fine sparkling wine as result, keeping the mainly organoleptics characteristics as the Albarino wine, with the sparkling life of the carbonic generated, as Dom Perignon did.




Clear, with a yellow color as the citric fruits, with green reflections. Fine bubble and with a persistent thread. Biscuit, cake, nuts and honey aromas. In the mouth, wide, elegant, feeling the presence of small and fine bubbles, remembering the biscuit taste again becoming to sweet. Long and persistent.





Alcohol Contents
Total Acidity
Volatile Acidity
Free Sulphur
Total Sulphur
Serving Temperature
12,7 % vol.
7,2 grs./L
0,46 grs./L
8 grs./L
18 mgs./L
87 mgs./L