Sensum Laxas Family Selection (Espumoso Brut) 2 bottles750 ml




Starting from a previously elaborated with selected grapes wine (basis wine), searching the most accurate balanced parameters, a subsequently refermentation is done following the Traditional Methode (Champanoise) way. Twenty four months after -laid on rimes and with periodical shakes-, the “degorge” it's made and a special mix of sugar plus wine is added, with a fine sparkling wine as result, keeping the mainly organoleptics characteristics as the Albarino wine, with the sparkling life of the carbonic generated, as Dom Perignon did.




Clean and bright, straw-colored wine with green reflections. Thin and persistent thread bubble. It offers pastry aromas, nuts with a subtle touch of lees marked by aging. In the mouth, it is wide and elegant, feeling the presence of the bubbles in a fine way and recognizing the biscuit flavor that evolves towards a non-cloying sweetness, ending lingering on the palate.







Alcohol Contents
Total Acidity
Volatile Acidity
Free Sulphur
Serving Temperature
13 % vol.
7,2 grs./L
0,46 grs./L
8 grs./L
18 mgs./L